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We have so much talk about masks on this and other forums. Has anyone seen or heard of custom mask-making for sleep apnea sufferers? Seems like a good idea. Measure the face and create the perfect mask. With 1 out of 4 men and 1 of 9 women having sleep apnea, the market looks to be in the tens of millions of people.

Brilliant idea! Why not? If dentures can be custom made, prosthetic body parts are individualized, and customized shoes are offered, why not? Seems the market is begging for such a choice!

A very good chance for somebody else to step up and grab some more of the pot of endless gold. I could put a paper bag over my head and have better results than I do now.

This is a terrific idea!!!

Funny how things go full circle. Custom masks were required in the early days of CPAP therapy. You needed a mask, you could volunteer at the hospital where CPAP machines were being designed. The early apnea patients could volunteer to help other CPAP patients making masks. The CPAP was a belt drive vacuum cleaner motor. Just some CPAP trivia.

@SarcasticDave94 that’s very interesting. What years are you speaking of? I don’t think Sleep Apnea was a diagnosis until the mid '60s, and was not really a widespread diagnosis until the mid '70s. I’m sure it contributed to my dad’s heart disease and open heart surgery in 1973 at age 47. He was a huge snorer (and drinker and smoker) and ended up living with a pacemaker until he died at 73. Nice to put these things in perspective, as my bipap machine has improved my quality of life and in fact probably saved me from advancing heart disease that probably would have killed me.

I’ve not found the references again. I’m thinking it was in the 1980’s with a Dr. Sullivan from Australia I think. If I come across the info again, I’ll put it here. We were discussing it last year on Apnea Board.

Here’s one About CPAP & Colin Sullivan

Fantastic article. Explains a lot. 100 people were on CPAP by 1985. My symptoms started around 1982 at age 32, undiagnosed until my family practitioner caught my intermittent afib on an EKG two years ago. The cause was sleep apnea, even though I am not overweight and do not snore. My nostrils collapse, making me breathe very shallow, which over time robs your body of oxygen, making your heart work overtime. Thanks SarcasticDave94.

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You’re welcome. Hope your apnea therapy is serving you well.

This web page says it is possible to have masks custom-made. How? Whom do I contact? How much does it cost? This site should not say such things unless they have complete information available.