CPAP wakes me up

I have been trying to use my CPAP machine and am having a weird experience. I go to bed really tired and after putting it on, I’m wide awake for hours. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Your body has to get used to it. It took me over a month before I could fall asleep and stay asleep for more than a few hours. I’m up to 5-6 and that seems that’s all my body needs. The first few weeks I was like you, tired until I put on that contraption and boom, wide awake for 1-2 hours before I’d loose track. I found that audio books helped me immensely. It was something to occupy my mind, and not think about breathing or when will I fall asleep. I’m still up for about an 30 minutes to a hour before I fall asleep, but I look forward to it and now my mind/body is conditioned to it now. I’m sure boring books or one’s you’ve read before would help too, if you find your still up and engaged in the story after a while. Good luck.

Hi Angel444 - Welcome to the forum! I have some of that going on too, but what works the best for me is to start out watching a video or reading a book, then as I relax, I put on the mask. Generally I will find myself falling asleep within a half an hour or so. Good luck finding the answer for you…

No sugar or protein near bedtime.
No phone or tv near bedtime.

Are you using the ramp and or the heated humidifier preheat? When I use those, I drift off quickly.

If you are just starting CPAP use, give it a chance. It took me 2 weeks before this stopped happening to me every night, and after a year it still happens sometimes. I usually take off the mask and watch tube for a time and try it again. At one time I used the radio for talk shows (auto shutoff) and it was highly effective for me. If there is one thing I’ve learned about sleep it is that it is not going to be the same every night, and we have to continually adjust our patterns.