Cpap travel international


Question - What kind of converter do you need to travel overseas? I am going to Portugal. Last year when I went to Iceland, I used a regular converter since it says my ResMed 10 was a 110 volt but it blew the box between the plug and machine and even flipped the breaker in the AirBNB I was staying in. So it seems I need something stronger - any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have only used a plug adaptor when I travel to foreign countries. I would suggest you Google the type of plug they use in Portugal to see if your Travel Adapter set has the proper plug. If you stay at a hotel you can ask the front desk for an adaptor/extension cord. When I was in Ireland last week, the power strip/surge protector that I brought caused the circuit breaker in the room to trip. I had to ask the front desk for an extension cord and to reset the breaker. They gave me one with a adapter plug.

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Interesting. I’m headed to Peru in June. I bought an adapter that is also a surge protector. Hope it works, I would hate to burn up my new $8000 machine.


What adapter/surge protector did you get?


This one. The brand is Ceptics.