CPAP settings change

I need help changing the setting for my CPAP. I need to have a minimum pressure of five CM H2O.

This has been done by my doctor who send me up on CPAP.

The pressure setting requires MD’s prescription. These are medical devices, so the patient/user can only adjust comfort settings, and even those are first activated by the MD. When my doc changed my pressure, it was changed quickly, within 24 hrs of seeing him, so basically, the next night. His RN while I was in his office faxed the Rx to the company I get the machine from & checked they got it (very late in the day). The next am, the company called and said that when I went to bed that night, the new settings would be in place.

I get your situation but I too let my doctor handle these settings.

What is your CPAP specifically? You want to bump pressure to 5? Legally you can do it yourself. The DME needs to script change to edit the settings, you do not. I can get you to initiate the edit of your own settings in about 1 minute total.