CPAP Repair Shops

My bearings on the motor of my CPAP machine are squealing. Are there any CPAP repair shops available? I’d like to have a backup machine just in case my primary machine fails.

I suggest you contact to get an estimate on repair for your cpap.

If after you repair it you want to use it to go camping, check out for batteries that will power most cpaps/bipaps for 5 to 8 nights on each recharge.


Thanks, seems like a get it fixed and thanks for the info on CPAP Power. The do come in handy for a hurricane or power outage.

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You should also be able to contact whoever is the provider of your CPAP equipment and ask them to handle the repair. Check with the sleep clinic through which you originally received your prescription. They can often provide a loaner option and handle the repair protocols if your machine ends up needing to be sent in or taken out of commission for any given time.