CPAP Reader

I currently have a CPAP machine, but need to have the card read, and none of the sleep centers in my area have the equipment to read it, does anyone know where I could by the reader myself? Already tried Amazon, and nothing.

What machine do you have? My Z2 just connects to the PC via a Micro USB cable, and outputs data to a program called Data VIewer. Others can be read by an Open Source application called OSCAR

I know my old Respironics machine used a Micro SD card, you just need a Micro SD card reader and proper software to read and analyze the data.

You can buy an SD card reader at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. for around $10. I recently had to buy one for the laptop after the built-in reader died. It’s connected via USB.

Note that this is only half the solution. As mentioned by dbhost, a program like OSCAR would be needed to do something with the SD card info once accessed with the reader.