CPAP Purchasing Questions | Does your machine do this?

Hi Everyone,
@kirkulese is looking for a few CPAP recommendations - Let us know your thoughts!

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Three questions:

  1. Trustworthy permanent bedside CPAP machine. (voltage - Taiwan almost everything is 110)
    2.Trustworthy portable/travel CPAP machine.(voltage)
    3.Can the settings on a CPAP machine be adjusted, or is it true that once
    it leaves the retailer, it can never be adjusted again.

Hopefully your sleep Doctor, ENT is knowledgeable about machines and masks. Also, I hope where you are sent to get your CPAP, aka your DME, is someone who is willing to let you try different masks. Our faces are unique and there is no ‘One size fits all’ mask. Some online sites, for a fee, will let you return a mask…but if you are going back to Taiwan, that may be a problem.
Be sure to tell you doctor as well as your DME your special needs for Taiwan! Also your travel needs.

As for settings, many of us do change our settings, but it is not advised unless you become knowledgeable about your needs and just how the CPAP machine works. Some companies have software available for you to purchase. There is also a very good software, SleeyHead that many use. (Donations accepted) It has an unbelieveable amount of info…but again…you need the knowledge needed to understand what it is telling you. A good site for input is

There are others, but I find this one is most informative, without the distractions I find on the other main one.