Cpap & Power Outages

There is a relatively new Cpap / BiPap BATTERY System being offered that will provide power to run a Cpap device for Up To TWELVE NIGHTS on each charge. (It is fully rechargeable for repeated uses and will last for many years). It is much cheaper than the Li-Ion batteries other places sell and has a much better warranty (2 yr - full replacement). This is also great to take Camping (not backpacking, it is too heavy to carry that far).

Questions are always welcome and Cheerfully Answered without any sales pitch! You will be surprised and delighted. If you choose to buy, there is a 30-Day return privilege for full refund if you change your mind after testing a Battery System out.

You can find these on this website:

This system is being recommended by numerous In-Home Health Care Agencies to their in-home clients because it is such a great value for the price. It can’t hurt to check it out and get your questions answered.

Do they provide a sample battery to try for a licensed HME provider and a cpap user, and a licensed RT to try the product? If so, my number is 630-546-0813. Let me know! Thank you. :wink:

All the systems are sold with a 30 Day trial period where the buyer can return it if they decide not to keep it. We cannot supply free samples, but we can guarantee that if you are not completely happy with your purchase, we will give your money back. How many medical related items will give you that kind of return privilege? If you compare prices, you will find that these “manufacturer direct” prices are much less than buying the same amount of nights of battery power from any other source.