CPAP Machine Repair & Loaner?

Where can one get a CPAP machine repaired (on/off button failing)? What do you do when you need it every night? Do repair places offer loaners?

Your dr. Script shud allow med supply. Place give ya temp replace. And send repair. No cost to you. G

If you received it through a local provider, ask for a loaner. If you got it online, put their customer service to work; they should also provide you a loaner.

Thanks, but got it a number of years ago from a physician. Don’t know exactly what the source was.

@Ikesilver You might be due to get a new machine; typically, they last only around 3 years and insurance will usually cover a new one. It never hurts to ask about it; the new machines are so quiet and effective. I have a friend who just replaced his really old (like, 10 years old?) machine and now he’s kicking himself for not doing it sooner.

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That is so true, Tamara. And should insurance not be available, there is an inexpensive equipment program offered by ASAA. You can read the details here:


Thanks for the suggestions. When I got the machine it was paid for by private insurance. Now, after becoming a geezer, I’m on Medicare and I don’t know what the replacement policy is. One sleep doc mentioned that it would have to be “broken” before they would replace it.
I guess I have some research to do.

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Definitely look into what Medicare would cover. It seems to me that a broken power button on the machine should qualify as “broken.” :wink:

Not true medicare will pay