CPAP Machine adjustment help

My husband is a veteran and the cpap mask seems to be fit incorrectly. He is unable to get to the VA at the time the sleep clinic will adjust it. Does anyone know of a place that will help him adjust the machine? We are in the DC/ Maryland area.

@ash5span Is it the mask that is incorrectly fit, or is the machine in need of adjusting? Can you also tell me what are the names of both the mask and the machine?

Do you have a VA “outreach clinic” in your area? Call the place where you see your pulmonologist, they can make it work. Something you can do yourselves: buy locally a Velcro chin strap from a home medical supply store. It straps on over the mask and may help him keep his mouth closed. The other thing you can do is to wet the surface of mask and face. The home medical supply places sell a wet-wipe for this purpose at about $10, but an unscented baby wipe will work equally well. Use it on the mask surfaces, wipe the areas on your face that meet the mask, then quickly put the mask on firmly, fasten the strap, apply the chin strap, and turn on the CPAP machine. Take a couple of firm breaths, and you should have a good seal. Lay down right away, and try to maintain that position. My husband and I both use a beanbag-type round pillow roll, that allows us to extend the neck back somewhat and still be supported on either side. You could make a similar pillow with the plastic disks from a craft store, better than stuffing with rice or beans! Every time you turn off the CPAP, use another wet-wipe. Our respiratory techs agree, just wet down and slap the mask on again. The key is maintaining a good seal. You may try suspending the mask-to-machine hose over a headboard, or placing the machine at a different height. Definitely keep in touch with your professionals till you get a good result from CPAP. First-time machine is not always the point of success. You must keep trying! (Another veteran’s wife)

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