CPAP is not romantic =(

So I was diagnosed with OSA about 5 years ago when I was with my wife. We had already been together for some time, so it wasn’t really a big deal for her.

We are no longer together and now I’m in a new relationship. OSA is horrible for new relationships! How annoying is it to either a, snore like a freight train or b, put on the stupid mask which really gets in the way of romance and cuddling. It sucks so bad! I stayed at my gf’s house and she more or less said she hardly slept last night due to my snoring. I’m going to have to suck it up and bring my cpap over, but I’m dreading it so bad.

We’ve talked about it and she knows I use one, but she also said we can do things to get healthier and lose weight and I had to explain to her that even with some weight loss, the OSA will still be there and I’ll still have to use a CPAP.


Anyway, I just thought I’d come here and vent a little to people who understand. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to this great community! I was 35 when diagnosed and dreaded wearing the mask to bed, I found it embarrassing. HOWEVER, my husband was very supportive and told me not only would I be on my way to better health, but that the slight purr of the machine or mask venting noise was a blessing compared to my loud choking and snoring noises…which kept him from sleeping AND scared him to death!
So what we did was sleep with my back to his chest - like spoons he used to say- which allowed us to cuddle and for my apnea to still be treated. This kept any air venting from the mask blowing in his direction.

The take home message from me is…sleep apnea is a life threatening sleep disorder. Without treatment, we are at risk for sudden death, heart attack or stroke. Ask your partner for the understanding and support - if they are not willing to give that, maybe they are not the right partner.

You can be as romantic in bed as you want, and cuddle until its time for sleep at which time you put on the mask and peacefully sleep!

Best wishes!


Absolutely, but it is still awkward and embarrassing! Thank you for your input, Tracey. :slight_smile:

I know couples whose main worry is how to keep their hoses from getting tangled! Yep, both are on CPAP!


Tubing lift on each side of the bed

“It doesn’t matter whether your partner is wearing a cpap mask, but as long as you’re together that makes it special” author anonymous: :wink:

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Or over the headboard…this is how one couple does it! :+1:t2:

Good for you Bill, embrace whatever works to treat your SDB. For some of us we love our Cpap though. Nothing but air :wink:

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I sympathize. Hope you both can work through it.