CPAP Intro

I wonder… do you happen to have sleep apnea? I pity ANYONE who has it. You have battle with ill fitting masks, that cut into your face. You have to pay close to $30.00 for a 25cent piece of plastic and "rubber"mask, connected to a bi-pap machine and (in my case, an oxygen concentrator.)

Hi, thanks for the welcome. I am a CPAP user with lots of questions. Please see below.

Everything I find regarding using use of a CPAP for sleep apnea is so positive. When I read material that is only positive I often wonder if someone is trying to sell something.
I would also like to know of any side effects that are not so positive when using a CPAP. For example I know two people that have complained of shortness of breath when speaking after using a CPAP for a short time. Does anyone know if this is a side effect of using a CPAP? All I can find in the literature is how wonderful it is to use a CPAP. I want to know the full story. Have there been unbiased long term studies regarding the effects of using a CPAP for sleep apnea pointing out both the positive and the negative.
Thank you

Hi RWilson:
Thanks for taking the time to post.
You aren’t alone. The masks have been a bigger topic for the group.

Sincerely, CC