CPAP device recall leaves Army veteran concerned for his health

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This story needs to be followed up. The last contact I had with Philips wax it would be over a year before they will be able to do anything. Imagine going a year without sleeping. Philips says work with your DME and your doctor but Philips has said stop using your machine. Can anybody see them trying to bury their head in the sand or is it the other end and they are trying to protect their ass. Too late now. My DME doesn’t even know my name or Philips name. It’s like they never collected a dime. My cardiologist said keep using the machine. Without it I will have another stroke or a heart attack. He called me again and said it is laughable for Philips to think any doctor will tell their patient to stop using the machine. He said his phone is ringing off the hook with people calling about it. I finally made it through the report to FDA for problems I have had since using the machine. Suddenly I am getting calls from attorneys about joining class action suits. One the fee is 40%. Average if it goes to trial but read the fine print… The other call I got was from Morgan and Morgan. I don’t know the order but 1 point they wanted to make is you aren’t entitled to join their class action unless you have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Then they wanted me to know you don’t get money just because you have one of the machines. After I explained they are watching a nodule and mass on my thyroid and if it continues growing they will do a fine needle biopsy to see if it is cancer. They compassionately said sorry you are going through that, if you get diagnosed with cancer then call us back. Let’s block that number. They might but I don’t see Philips having any plans to do anything but try to figure out a way to transfer liability. Sorry they made the machine, they didn’t tell anybody they knew there was a problem and now they only want to put new foam in an old machine. Absolutely the most uncaring reckless and deplorably thing I have seen in a long time.