Cpap Battery Power

I really do not want to commercialize this forum.

2 yrs ago, I lost electrical power at my home for 2 days and had to sleep upright in a recliner because my Cpap was useless without power. Later, when I went online to buy a battery system to power my Cpap during power outages, I was very discouraged by what I found.

So, I invented my own.

I have now sold 200 of these systems via the (Large Auction Site) with 100% satisfied customers. I give a 30 Day money-back guarantee. Most people use my systems to go Camping for up to 8 days between recharges.

Is this a resource that anyone on this forum would like any further information about (I am purposely not posting anything that will give the appearance of advertising.) I will check back for responses. Ron Shaw

Hi, I am interested in your invention. I use ether the resumed S8 elite or the fisher pakel cpap device. Please email me

Hi, I am interested in your battery pack. I am using Philips Respironics PR system 60 remstar with humid. Please email me

Thanks Ron. Appreciate your sensitivity. The rules do not allow for the promotion of products, but it’s okay to talk about them in a general way. We do not moderate conversations except for general civility and blatant promotion.

Darrel, it makes it really tough to talk about a new product that people have never heard is even available, especially when we just had a major power outage lasting for many days here in the Seattle area, WITHOUT it seeming like just a marketing ploy. However, if people are genuinely interested in more information about my Battery Back Up systems for Cpaps, they can contact me for more information. I have responded privately to several inquires. People were very happy with the news I have to share.

tozijab, thank you for your inquiry. I have emailed you directly with more info, but YES I carry CPAP Battery Systems for all the Philips Respironics and RemStar as well as the different ResMed brand devices. I have these in stock.

As a general discussion point: most Cpap Supply businesses offer Li-Ion battery systems that weigh less than 2 lbs, and cost $300 to $1000 – but only supply power for “12 - 14 hours” (that is only TWO nights.). The alternative systems I offer are NOT these tiny, lightweight models. My most popular system weighs 25 lbs, but it also runs 5 - 8 NIGHTS on each charge. It is based on a deep cycle Maintenance-Free battery (like used in a mobility scooter). and it costs about 1/2 as much even though it will last up to 10 years with many many recharge cycles. THAT is the major difference between the two categories of battery systems available for Cpaps and BiPaps on the market today. If you need light weight and and carry in your pocket portability, then the Li-Ion units are best for you. If you just need something for home power outages or to go camping, then you might be better served by the heavy-duty alternatives.

thank you for your response. I think that would be quite difficult that I buy your backup system since I am from Europe and I will pay more for postage and handling that for the system. I will try to work up something with domestic traditional 35 AH batteries . Thanks any how.

I’m interested. Please email me at: