CPAP and Health Insurance: Compliance

Why Won’t My Insurance Company Pay for the CPAP Supplies I Need?

Why not check with other companies, sounds like your patients are under inshured.

I’ll suggest different plans will handle this topic differently. I’ve been on larger deductible plans and almost always had to purchase my own supplies. However, I’ve seen some very liberal benefits where masks are paid for frequently per year. These may be tax deductible expenses in some cases. Some HSA plans can also use those dollars to help address this expense. This is a complicated topic and it really depends on your insurance program. In today’s world, you can shop ‘on-line’ and find times when it is beneficial to purchase from certain providers. You can overcome shipping costs, find sales, and if you buy many needs one or two times a year, this can help minimize your annual cost. Sorry, just like other medical, dental, and eye related treatments, it depends on your program of coverage. rb

The topic will have upcoming changes with regard to healthcare coverage. We can keep close watch on the updates so we have the latest available news. If anyone has links they would like to share, please feel free to do so :slight_smile: This is your community~ I love seeing the participation of patients who are empowered to be advocates for their own healthcare :slight_smile:

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