Could my ADHD surely be sleep undiagnosed apnea?

I might have apnea. I wish I had it diagnosed when I had health insurance. I use a transparent rubber snoring clip, it’s inexpensive and can be found on amazon. It stops my snoring but I still sleep with my mouth open. I feel good reading the posts here; perhaps I might have apnea and not ADHD? I remember being 8 and reading encyclopedia volumes from front to back, whereas now (i am 36) my attention is not good, and is far worse after a night of inadequate sleep.

I did Michael White’s breathing exercises yesterday, and I noticed that I woke up in the middle of the night with my mouth closed and with no drool on my face or pillow!

What type of screening was used to determine you have ADHD?

It was the Connors continuous performance test, given by a psychiatrist.

Would you mind sending me the results privately so I can get a better idea on how to advise you.

Thanks, @Nintendo1889 – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


What is the Michael White exercise? I’ve never heard of it.


Apnea is where you stop breathing in your sleep so I don’t know how ADHD is apnea related.

Hi @Atomic77 - Sleep Apnea and ADHD can co-exist. Here is an article explaining the most common connection faced by children and parents:

@Atomic77 Co-existing and co-morbidity: ADHD and Sleep Apnea

Interesting article, Mother T.
But really, some kids are being misdiagnosed. This is because kids with sleep apnea can have similar mood and attention as one with ADHD.

So really, if a child is suspected of ADHD, they might really have sleep apnea. In that case, treat the apnea, and the ADHD-like behaviors SHOULD go away.

If after treating the apnea, ADHD symptoms remain, then treat the ADHD.

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Yes, the Springer article discusses adults. “Psychiatric comorbidity in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)”

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lt will take awhile to find those results. It was 18 years ago. I may take
another but I’m broke at the moment. I remember his note stating my results
indicate a high level of ADD.

I sleep with a breathe-right nose strip and 3m porous nexcare on my mouth
to keep it closed at night. Hopefully this helps my apnea but there isn’t
an “apnea detection app”. There’s “sleep as Droid”, but it detects REM
levels and records snoring.

There are all kinds of home testing companies out there for sleep apnea. Check with your insurance company. They may contract with one of them, as well as some ADHD testing. The effort is worth it for your health! :slight_smile: Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Take some medical literature with you when you do see a doctor. It is wise to arm yourself with all the necessary tools to help him help you…and rule out some things as well :slight_smile: