Consequences of Sleep Apnea


This is so critically important for every patient to understand. It isn’t just wakking up tired and being drowsy…Sleep effects every aspect of you from how you look to how you feel, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be! I urge you to take the test below, print it out and make your physician or dentist aware of your results it could literally save the quality and quantity of your life, or the life of someone you love.
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Daryl Coleman
Great Lakes Orthodontics
Tonawanda NY

Epworth Test

When I was diagnosed, I had not yet developed hypertension but I feel sure it would have been inevitable. I was 35. My Dad had a massive stroke at age 57…the apnea stems from his side of our family with tongue and jaw issues.
At my diagnosis my oxygen levels were recorded as low as 50% which explains my morning migraines.

For anyone concerned about long term side effects of using CPAP ( I use BiLevel at high pressures ) I have had pulmonary function testing over the past 20 years and have not only improved pulmonary function, but very impressive results. BiLevel provides the oxygen I need and I am convinced it has saved me from heart attack or stroke.

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DarylC, something happened to the link you gave for the Epworth test. I found it online in a .pdf format. In case anybody else wants to see it, go to Hope this helps!