Concern about severity symptoms, mild apnea UARS

Hi All

I am a 26 years old that has been struggling with chronic fatique for 1,5 year that has become more and more severe over the past 6 months. It started with a sudden flue, that made me couch a lot with choking. After that I just stayed fatiqued and weak with a constant short of breath. I had done All kinds of medical examinations, and after 6 months my GP thought I had apnea so we did a sleep test, but no apnea. After 2 months, this was past august, the sleepdoctor revised my sleep study and said that I had mild apnea and prescribed a dreamstation APAP. These are my results

AI 5
RDI : 13
ODI : 6,5

I have been using CPAP for 3 months now without any result. I am fearing that my symptoms are not from apnea but from something more severe. I cant function, I stopped my job fortunatly my government aids me but its really a true hell. Is is possible to have such severe symptoms with low ahi/rdi? Are there other people that suffer so much? :frowning: