Complex Apnea and Ischemic Strokes

I am new to this forum and regrettably I can check the block for both of these conditions. Post stroke, and thankfully fully recovered, my neurologist started excluding origins for the stroke. After two sleep studies, the second being a titration, I will soon be the owner of a DreamStation Auto SV and I chose a DreamWear Nasal Mask to match up with it. To say the least, I believe my complex apnea played a role in my stroke and I have more than a passing interest in beginning this new chapter of my life.

I would appreciate any and all information you may have on your experiences with complex apnea and use of ASV equipment, especially Repironics DreamStation and mask. Thank you!

I had. Tia. 09. Self diagnosed. 6 mo later Used. Cpap. 8 yrs ago. Now new to. Asv. Vent. Cuz now get central apneas. Dr. O’Brien. W htfd ct. sleep. Guesses. Cud be fr. Residuals of. Tia??? Scared. Most days. At. 70. But. Asv. Hard. Adjustment. Maybe we cud support. Each other. Trade tips. Greg​:pray::pray:

Greg. Not sure how I missed your post way back when, sorry. How are you doing on your ASV? I am 16 months into using mine.