Cleaning and humidification

Looking for tips on cpap cleaning since I have dust mite allergies.
I just got a lumen and will throw my mask in there. Do they make segmented tubes you can put in there? Anything else?
I have an Airsense 10 with a humidifier. I am trying to figure out (1) if I can take the humidifier off or leave it empty. Filling and cleaning the humidifier is annoying. I live in Boston and summers are humid anyway. My guess is that when I do a mediocre job at cleaning the humidifier or using distilled water it may worsen my sinus problems. Trying to make the machine super easy to clean with the lumen or sprays or wipes…or just skipping the humidification except in the winter. Thanks, William Kramer, Cambridge, MA

I find the whole concept of cleaning rather confusing. I use distilled water in my humidifier, wash it with tap water then fill it with distilled water again. I take the tube and put it in tap water with vinegar. I have to nap in the afternoon and the hose isn’t dry when I use it again. All the nooks and crannies to clean with tap water makes no sense to me. The vinegar is supposed to sanitize it but what good does it do when you rinse with tap water. I’m just a grump about this whole thing.

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Hi wkramer - I have been told that you can just leave water out of the chamber or remove the humidifier if you do not want to have humidification. Good Luck - I understand the cleaning is annoying, but I guess I would rather do the quick clean and not risk the sinus infection.

Have you seen this How to Clean your CPAP video?
It really made it look so simple.
Just an idea if you haven’t seen it.

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huge thanks for the link.
i always think that sometimes, simpliest ideas actually work the best. for example, cleaning and humidification greatly works for my friend’s sleep apnea. not completely treated it, but greatly helped

It’s not a major deal to clean it. I have a Dreamstation. I clean mine with vinegar, baby shampoo and water. What I don’t understand is the water. I have to rinse it and then air dry it.