Child with OSA switching to BIPAP with a huge AHI increase

HI. My 8 year old son was diagnosed with OSA about 18 months ago. He used a CPAP for most of that, but it was not very consistent no matter what we did. While sound asleep he would just pull the nasal mask off. We tried every different kind of mask that could possibly fit him. The sleep specialist did a BIPAP trial for a month, and he seemed to tolerate it better (although is AHI was at 4.5 on the loaner machine), so we just got his permanent BIPAP machine last week. HIs average usage has gone from 3 to 7 hours. His AHI was in the 3 range on CPAP. It has averaged 83 since he started the BIPAP. What could cause that? The homecare place checked the machine and said the settings are all fine and took the card from his machine to send a report to his specialist, but I was wondering if that had happened to anyone else?

Could be leaks? How does your little angel feel when he wakes up? What brand bi level machine did you get? What is the bi level settings? How long did he use the cpap? What was his cpap pressure? Was it on fixed pressure or auto? Was EPR or FLEX available on cpap? Taking the mask off in the beginning is quite normal and can happen into a few weeks and even months for some. :blush: