Causing my partner sleepless night... What should I do?

I’ve been snoring a lot louder this past week. I don’t just wake myself up… I also cause her some trouble with her sleep. Whenever I sleep first she couldn’t fall asleep. She knows I’m insecure with my snoring that’s why she doesn’t really talk to me about it. Should I get her sleeping earplugs? Any recommendation?

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Hi again! I think you should if it’s what you think is the best choice. But I also think it’s better to talk to her first. She is your partner, I think she would understand and help sort it out with you.


Hey There! This is a very real issue with many of us! I have had to use ear plugs for the last 30 yrs. I would talk with your partner and see if that is something she is open to. It sounds like she is trying to be sensitive to your feelings, I am sure she would appreciate your concern for her and that she is getting her sleep. I have had the best luck with the foam earplugs. Take Care


We talked last Friday night. She said she’s open to try wearing sleep earplugs and she also said that she never bothered talking about my snoring because she knows how insecure I am about it. I apologized to her for not talking about it sooner and she said it’s okay…

Haven’t decided yet what to buy for her. I gotta call Big Ear tomorrow morning and inquire.

Oh, thank you. That’s sweet. It’s okay. We already talked about the situation last Friday night over dinner. It went well so…we’re both feeling okay about the snoring situation and trying out earplugs. Would surely check out Flents. Thanks again.

Hi. Just want to say I am glad about how things are for you. It was really a good thing that you opened up.

I agree, that is some great stuff. Opening up is the first step.

earplugs are the answer to that problem

Well if that’s the only choice. For me personally, I don’t like earplugs. I’m not comfortable wearing them.