Can't get events down

I have been using a full face mask for 2 months. My score is in the 90s, however, my events per hour is from 25 to 50. Will the events ever go lower. The center has made several adjustments to pressure…but…not much change in AHI.

Do you feel any air coming from around the edges of the mask when you are wearing it (machine turned on)?

No i have a very good seal.

I have a good mask seal. I only wake up once or twice a night where I was getting up 4 to 5 times. My original study said I had 149 interruption per hour. I now have 25 to 50. I wanta get better. Doc is trying, but so far, can’t get it down any further.

You said that your total score was in the 90s. What is the score for mask leaks? How new is your CPAP machine? Maybe, it’s time to upgrade it. I have a ResMed AutoSense 10 and once I solved my mask leaking by using a nasal pad, my AHI went below 1. Since you use a full face mask you might prefer to use a Comfort Cover. My mask is a ResMed AirFit N20 nasal mask.

My mask seal score is the max 20. My usage is 70 the max My events of course is 0. My mask off is 4 out of 5 max. I change my mask regularly and clean it daily. I sense no air escaping around the mask. Thanks for the reply.

What’s your pressure at?

Also, are you a back or side sleeper? Obstructive events can be reduced by sleeping on your side. However, if you’re already doing that, then you might respond better to a bi-level type setting.

I do sleep mostly on my side. The sleep center also suggested that we may have to try a bi level machine. I am not knowledgeable enough to know how that would help.
I am willing to try it though.

Bi-level has a high and a low pressure setting. When your machine senses you’re breathing out, it drops the pressure to a pre-set level. This actually helps you breathe better, and some people respond better to this than cpap.

It might not help. But then, it could be just what you need. So is definitely worth a try.

Also, what is your current pressure at?

It was 10 to 20 but I was having a lot of trouble with the machine waking me up blowing air strong enough to actually raise the mask. The Dr lowered the pressure to
9 to 14 everything works fine at that pressure, the events even went down some. I no longer wake up for 6 to 7 hours, the events are about 25 to 30. I have been going over 6 hours now for over 21 days.

Of course, I am not aware of when these events happen during my sleep. I no longer snore.