Can you sleep on your back using apap


I use a full face mask, am a mouth breather, and have a little trouble with my exhale, mask leaks slightly with side sleeping because of pillow, this is causing me discomfort and have a sore windpipe, as well as some slight bloating.

So will I be better off sleeping on my back?


You can but I use a mask liner and sleep on my side with no issues. It also eliminates marks on my face.


Hi maryebayace.

Thanks for your post will look into that one.



I spoke with my doctor and she gave me this antiseptic rinse that really helped a lot with the sore throat thing.


Hello afronative.

Yes, did same and I use a hydrogen peroxide mouth wash it works great, I am pretty certain now that my sore windpipe has to be related to the pressure, I may have GERD?
if I can get to speak to my specialist, then hopefully will get somewhere with this on.