Can Sleep aid gadgets help with sleep apnea?

Hi guys,

I am looking at reviews of sleep aid products, wondering if they can help with sleep apnea. I am particularly interested in this product: The review says it helps with snoring, but I am not sure it helps if you have sleep apnea. Have anyone tried a similar product (if not this one) and did it help you?


DreamWear Full Face (size M) CPAP Mask with Headgear (Model 1133376). ABSOLUTELY the best sleep apnea mask I have ever used and believe me I have tried them all in my 25 years of using. You honestly do know you are wearing a mask. Magnetic locking straps make it both easy to put on and off. Also, eliminates all snoring

Thanks for that info–always looking for something better than what I currently use.

I tried Theravent before my sleep study. My snoring was not affected. I was using SnoreLab app to track. I was told later that only pressure systems (CPAP , bipap, etc) stop the snoring caused by apnea, versus sinus problems or allergies. It was lessened by sleeping on my side, but it only stopped when I started using the CPAP.

I haven’t tried it, but I’m curious and assume many others here are as well, so do post if you try it.

My understanding is that sleep apnea is at the extreme end of the snoring spectrum, so if would prevent snoring I would think it would prevent sleep apnea.

Did the sleeping aid gadget help you in your sleep apnea condition?

I’d still prefer natural ways like essential oils and such. Kind of uncomfortable thinking about the sleep gadget but who knows.