Can Love be a pathfinder to healthy sleep

Take just short time out here, and take a step back to look at those troubles we all have with Sleep Apnea.

Its always the same is it not, good advise given from those of us that have time to share our experiences, with many of us that advise works well, with some there is what seems like an never ending nightmare.

Yet I have not seen any blog that mentions the word LOVE, yes, you do hear of my partner helps me a lot, my husband/wife is having a bad time with my condition,etc.

But has anyone ever mentioned that LOVE in their relationship with their partner/husband/wife helps them to have that feel good factor, which when it comes to the sometimes daunting time we call sleep, we can feel better, a kind of karma without the Feng Shui in your bedroom.

Enjoying a good loving relationship can actually help you sleep better, its something I have certainly found over this past 14 months since meeting my new partner, and something I would not have thought of as being helpful at all, as we all concentrate far to much on trying to solve any arising problems with those we have to look up to for answers.

And the answer in part to some of those problems is stiring you right in the face, okay it will not cure any of the symptoms we have but it really does help you feel more relaxed and accepting about your condition, and it becomes easier to accept and deal will the challenges you may face.

You have made a very good point and I thank you for reminding us that love can cure.