Breathing thru your nose

if i have a cold and my nose is stuffed up, how do i use my bibab machine?

I use a BiLevel machine with nasal pillows. On nights when I have nasal congestion I use a full face mask. Just ask your doctor to prescribe a full face mask and keep it handy for those nights when you have a cold or stuffy nose. Being sick should not stop you from therapy. Also, I have been known to sleep elevated in a recliner chair on nights where sneezing or coughing makes it challenging to use ANY mask.

Try to use it and try to quickly manipulate the humidifier if available. If you’re receiving the benefits of the bipap machine to begin with this is not an issue. A patient will normally or is encouraged to use the machine even if “nose is stuffed up”. If unable to tolerate, then as an RT clinician, I would understand if usage for a particular night is missed. However if symptoms persists longer than normal and unable to use the machine, I highly recommend to get patients doctor to get involved to fix “stuffed nose” so you can get back on bipap therapy right away! :wink: