Breathing out through your mouth

Trying all the breathing methods ie for meditation etc And most say something like 4 or 5 in through the nose ,then hold and then exhale/blow out through your mouth
When i have the full mask on how do you do that as it encourages in and out through the nose
Has anyone else had this problem anf if so is there a solution

Combining a deep slow inhale through the nose with the yoga breathing might work. Yoga breathing encourages you to fill the lower part of your lungs first, expanding the diaphram, and then the upper. Then you very slowly exhale through the nose, even slower than the inhale, emptying the lungs slowly and completely, from the top first, and then the bottom.
If you want to fall asleep (not only meditate), concentrate on making the exhale longer than the inhale, as this usually slows the heartbeat and encourages rest. Combining the meditation breathing with visualization is often effective: Visualize a soft perhaps pulsing light (can be an orb)in a color you like; a green light turning white often promotes rest and sleep.

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