Bloating with CPAP

I have been using my CPAP machine since July 1 of this year. Now in the last few nights I am waking up loaded with air in my stomach that is very painful. I am using the Dreamwear nasal mask and it has been working for me up until now. I’ve read about the bloating and the other term that starts with an “A” but don’t seem to be finding the answer to my problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?


It sounds like you’re swallowing air. Usually, that happens when air is coming in too fast. Talk with your cpap provider about this issue, because, there’s a comfort setting on your machine that might help this. You could also try sleeping at an incline, or even try a different mask.

I think you’re also referring to Acid Reflux, which can be effectively treated with medication. Talk with your Doctor about that.

Work with your physician to get the lowest pressure setting that is effective. This has been somewhat helpful for me
in having fewer episodes of burping and gas, (I use the Dreamwear as well) it may be helpful with your side effects as well.

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Yes, Yes, i have felt your pain for over 15 year’s, changed settings many times, 32 mask’s 5 machine’s. I was in pretesting for “Inspire2” when ENT proformed DISE (drug induced sleep endoscope) they found my epiglottis was oversized. As pressure came on it would force epiglottis closed send all the air into stomach. They removed 85% of epiglottis and implanted Inspire and I now sleep like a baby.

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Hi. I’m having the same problem that Seesess is having. I’m wondering how to adjust this comfort setting. My machine defiantly tries to give me too much air too fast. And that makes my mask leak and me miserable.

You might have to have your cpap prvider change the settings. Depending on your machine, there’s either a c-flex or EPR setting to adjust.

But consult your cpap provider on this.

Thankyou Kent,
I’ll try that.