Black and yellow colouring under eyes

Last year I asked my GP about the discolouration under my eyes, (Yellow and black) and was it possibly linked to my OSA? As this is something I have had for as long as I can remember.

She told me that it could be linked to OSA, yet she was not certain, and that she was not sure if this discoloration would ever go away.

I have mentioned this to my sleep doctor, but get a dismissive answer from him, so no joy there.

Does anyone have any information on this subject.

I have always heard that dark circles under the eyes was considered a sign of tiredness. Apparently your doctors don’t feel that it is of issue or great concern. You could try looking it up online or explain to you doctors that no matter how insignificant they feel it is you want an answer for what is happening and you expect them to give it to you.

I have heard the dark circles under the eyes is a sign of allergies. (Has something to do with blood vessels in the nose, I can’t remember exactly, but an allergist told me that when I took my daughter in to be seen one time). Yellow coloring? No idea on that one. Usually yellow coloring shows up in the white part of your eyes first, is called jaudice and indicates a liver problem. It will make your skin yellow as well, but that is usually after you notice it in the whites of your eyes. Your doctor would order a blood draw for liver function tests to confirm it.
Hope that helps

Hello there afronative.

Yes I have tried looking on line, yet have not got anywhere, so like you say, back to the doctors and do not take no for an answer.


I have no allergies, yet it may well be right about the blood vessels in my nose, will look into that, as I do have problems with my nose, liver is fine had that checked a while ago, maybe will have to force the doctors into pulling there fingers out and get some real answer.

thxs for your reply.