Bipolar Disorder

Share your knowledge and experiences living with bipolar disorder

I have bipolar disorder n have been stabilized for a while now

It took many yrs to b diagnosed after seeing tons of “professionals” spending outrageous amts of money n trying many many meds

One day I casually asked my gp if he knew anyone who treats bipolar disorder n he said yes. She on the floor below me.

She was truly the only that actually knew the disorder inside n out n her specialty was putting together the correct cocktail of meds for me

I’ve been an inpatient for suicidality n also benefited by being part of an excellent outpatient.

I’m not resting on my laurels cuz this continues to b a day to day illness

My horrible sleep or lack of sleep truly affects my moods even being stable

I take one day at a time take my meds religiously but have horrible eating habits.

I also have diabetes so I’m being very proactive re my overall health

What’s wreaking the most havoc on my health is having sleep apnea.

W out quality sleep every single nite my entire day is shot.

I just got a cpap machine n am going to try it tonite

I’m so desperate for solid sleep so I can b more active in my life

Sorry this was so long

Thx for taking the time to read it

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Thanks for sharing your story. I have two really good friends who are both bipolar, as well as at least one relative (I suspect more than one). You are right, it is a day-to-day challenge even with meds. One of the challenges is sticking to the meds even when you are feeling okay. This gives the illusion that you don’t need them anymore, but when you stop taking them, all the scary symptoms just come back.

You are right, sleep is a must-have for anyone with bipolar (or any other mood or psychiatric) disorder. During sleep, your brain gets a chance to rebalance itself and flush out waste products, file away information, and compartmentalize memories. All of these processes help to keep the body and brain on an even keel.

I wish you well, especially as you begin your journey using CPAP. It may be a test of patience at first, but stick with it and you will recover the much needed sleep you crave.

Best wishes,