Being sick & using a oral appliance

Hi, I have searched & I have not seen anything related to this to this topic specific to oral devices. I wondered for those of you that wear a oral appliance what do you do when you’er sick. Do you wear it or wait till you feel better. I became sick early Thursday morning in fact it woke me up to take the appliance out and have not wore my appliance since. What do you guys do?


I wear the oral appliance every night regardless of whether I am sick or not. I saw no reason not to wear it. Hope this helps.


If you look at the service manuals that come with most oral appliances, they will tell you not to use them if you have a significant upper respiratory infection. I would interpret that to mean a head cold, the flu, or a really bad attack of allergic rhinitis or sinus infection. With these problems you need to be able to cough, sneeze, clear, and expectorate freely. An oral sleep apnea appliance could interfere with that. I tell my oral appliance patients to be very proactive with any upper respiratory problem and to see their physician or, preferably, and ENT at the FIRST sign of trouble. A.B. Luisi, Jr., D.M.D.