Automated cleaning for cpap

I am interested in getting an automated device from cleaning my CPAP machine, any recommendations.
Much Appreciated
Mike Girasoli

I don’t have my CPAP yet, but I am going to get a So Clean machine once I have the CPAP. My research indicated that is really good. You can find it at Amazon or

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I have use the SoClean since it first came out and it works really well. However I’m thinking of switching to a VirtuCLEAN device by VirtuOx Because you can use it without running the ozone through the CPAP machine itself. Ozone can be corrosive and I’m not sure what effect it has on the CPAP machine. Other than that the SoClean has been wonderful and I think I’ve had fewer respiratory problems since I used it. I haven’t bought a VirtueCLEAN yet, so I can’t report on how that is. But I am going to give it a try.

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Thanks so much for the advise; I was leaning toward the VirtueClean as well. I’m just concerned about the effects of OZONE some say it’s not good.

Mike Girasoli

Thanks Caeryl Im looking into to VirtueClean as an alternative

I am not aware of any problem with ozone as far as my own breathing and health was concerned. I actually like the mildly fresh air odor after the machine has run. I usually stay out of the room until it completely dissipates. I used a SoClean for about five years with my previous CPAP machine. At the end of that time my CPAP machine was making a whistling sound, I believe from air leaking around gaskets. I suspected it might be the ozone running through the machine that could have corroded or degraded them. So I have not use my SoClean with my new CPAP machine. I will be getting the VirtuCLEAN to avoid that possibility.


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Thanks Mike - What is it you like about the Virtue Clean? Hmmm - I’m not sure about the Ozone - I know I love the smell of it, especially after a rainstorm =)

It’s small/Portable/battery and it doesn’t go directly through the CPAP Device just Mask & Hose.

Thanks for the additional information. I will remember that too =)

Ahh - Thanks Mike - I’ll have to look at them closer…

The VirtuCLEAN does not run ozone through the CPAP machine, unless you set it up to do so.

Thanks Carolh - I actually like the ozone, so I will have to see