Autism, Global Developmental Delays and ADHD

Hello! My son is 7 and has Autism, global development delays and ADHD. I know he has sleep apnea, but because of his abilities, and well he is 7 he will not tolerate a sleep test. And even if he got to that point, getting him to wear a mask with a machine, is highly unlikely. Have any of you been through this? With his ADHD he has about a 3 second attention span and his body is always in flight mode, so bed time is ALWAYS a struggle. We do have relaxation techniques with includes a rubber brush that helps calm him, but his brain does not slow down. Without his medication or melatonin he would stay up for days with very little sleep. But Melatonin is not recommend for those with Sleep Apnea. Any suggestions, or comments on anyones own experiences? Thanks!

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Have you tried using the Snore setting on an adjustable bed/bedframe? It is very subtle and perhaps he wouldn’t even notice it. Worth trying?


Thank you! I have not tried that! I will have to look into it.