ASV Device

Hello, so I am new to this site and I am new to being diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea. I am 31 years old with no major heart problems, but I have Chiari Malformation which is an alleged cause of Central Sleep Apnea. I just started using the ASV device and I’m wondering if anyone had any issues with it? I have found that I wake up more with the ASV device than I do without the device. The pressure increase causes me to wake up because I’m a light sleeper. Does anyone have any feedback on it?

Hi KBrunner,
I also use ASV for central apnea. Apparently it is quite rare. The pulmonologist I saw said she has seen 8 or so people in her 33 years in sleep disorders. I used CPAP for 4 years before finally switching to ASV and getting my AHI under control. I don’t really notice much difference at all. My only problem is the water is all evaporated after sleeping about 4-5 hours and then the heater shuts off so I wake up with a dry nose and cold air blowing up my nose. I’ve started just taking it off and shutting off the machine once the water is gone. I refuse to refill the thing part way through the night. I mentioned it to my sleep doc as well as the respiratory therapists at home health and they have no answers. Have you tried pushing the ramp button? (If your machine has one) That lowers the pressure for 15 min so you can fall asleep.

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Thank you for sharing your stories!!