Are you skipping CPAP therapy due to a winter cold?

When we have sleep apnea, nightly use of CPAP therapy is important. It assures our oxygen levels remain in normal range, eliminates our apnea episodes and helps us get quality restorative sleep.

What to do if you have a cold, stuffy or runny nose and you have to mouth breathe…meaning your nasal or nasal pillow mask is useless? FULL FACE MASK TO THE RESCUE.

It’s bad enough being sick and feeling lousy, but if you have to give up sleep too, its even worse. When we’re sick, quality sleep is even more important.

A long time nasal pillow user, I quickly realized that for every night I skipped therapy, it took 2 days to repay sleep debt. I also found that it took longer to recover from a cold or flu.

I asked my doctor to prescribe a full face mask to use when I am sick. It’s in my nightstand drawer and comes to the rescue on any night when I cannot use my nasal pillows.

To all who use nasal pillows or nasal masks, talk with your doctor or CPAP/Mask provider about getting a full face mask.

Sleep well!

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I have actually found that if I use my apap, even though I just have a nasal mask, that the air will help clear my head enough I can get to sleep. It might take a few minutes (Or it seems like it). I most definitely would rather sleep with my mask and machine than without.

The best for me is clap & oxygen. Clears up even the most stuffed head in seconds. Humidity at 3 on a 0 to 5 scale. My unit stoped heating due to loose AC plug. Woke up sneezing with very sore nose.

So I’ll bet you quickly replaced your cpap humidifier? I could not live without mine.
Are you on supplemental oxygen fed in through the mask port? If so is that due to COPD or another respiratory issue?

Oxygen comes to a tubing tap. Not COPD, just low oxygen levels in the blood.

When is the last time you have had a recheck of you machine pressures?
I started on CPAP pressure 9 with 2 liters of oxygen fed in via port on my mask.
After my CPAP pressures were increased, I actually moved to BiLevel at higher pressures, the supplemental oxygen was no longer needed. With many pressure increases over the first few years, I settled in on BiLevel at 20-11.

Feb 3 this year by Dr Ryan.

Great, so you are on top of it all and know that we probably will need pressure adjustments over our life time on CPAP.

Have you downloaded our SleepHealth mobile app study yet? I am encouraging all friends and fellow patients to participate. This gives us patients a voice in research!

Wishing you good sleep!