Are you living with COPD and Sleep Apnea?


Join the O2VERLAP study and reserve your seat in our virtual classroom today. Registration is easy!
Visit the O2VERLAP study patient portal at: HTTPS://WWW.O2VERLAP.ORG
Follow the step-by-step instructions to register!

This program made a quite a difference in my life. There is still things I have to learn to get the hang of but at least now I know what to do. I’m more confident about what I am dealing with.

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Can I register to day. Bouuuuuuhhhh I am so happy to hear this.

The portal is very helpful for the patient.

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I am affected by the COPD and Sleep Apnea from 6 years, but don’t get any solution. I am happy to become a part of Talk.Sleeptember forum. This forum helps me to reduce my problem from few days and aspect that I will get around soon.

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Welcome, Charles @Charlesnester

Have you seen the info for the O2VERLAP Study? It is for people with sleep apnea & COPD.

Yes, I see it. There a lot of questions about sleep apnea & COPD, and I continued my study on it.

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Don’t forget there is quite a bit of helpful information here on the website too:

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Thanks for sharing a beautiful link. It really help me so much.