Are you a night or morning person? What about your bed partner?

Great article about the variation in people’s sleep schedules.

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Thanks for sharing this article Robin, I loved it and its one I will definitely share with my community and its going to be one that I’m book marking to refer back to many times to share with others. - Jay

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Great topic for people who has variation of sleep. I am a morning person and have a regular sleeping hour.

Just what I needed. I’m a morning person and my wife is a night person. And I agree about the differences in sleep times may lead to discord and something has to be done about it. Thanks for sharing this RobinSez. I’m going to make use of it :smile:

A lot more has been said recently on this subject by Dr. Michael Breus:

His book, THE POWER OF WHEN, further refines the chronotypes we currently understand. It’s also a fun read and gives you some good ideas to think about for when to do key things (not just sleep).