Are there others having problems with neighbors and their SleepApnea?

Hi, I’m been following the advice of my Sleep Doctors, had the Sleep Apnea surgery – unsuccessful, and I have a Deviated Septum. From Day 1 I’ve been having neighbors wake me up throughout the night. I’ve moved 4 times in 9 years because of this. I am now on a BiPAP and still people around me wherever I go are abusing me – either by sound waves of a stereo base, popping my ears – you do this by increasing the base and lowering it, power surge to the electric ciruit – I now use an excellent surge protector to protect my medical device. I’m tired and I’ve have had it.
I’m going to a different Sleep Doctor, one who is pulmonology background, but my question – is anyone else experiencing this type of abuse with the use of their PAP machine?

Pauline. I have not experienced what you shared but your journey with environmental distractions did prompt this reply. Sleep therapy devices do wonders by insuring high quality sleep. But they are only one aspect of good sleep hygiene. IMO, there are other vitally important ingredients necessary for a optimal sleep environment. In your case, a peaceful (quiet) nighttime environment is essential and apparently has been missing for many years. I applaud your discipline in using your BiPAP and wish you the very best in achieving the peaceful sleep environment you desire. Dave

Hi Pauline,
I was wondering if you had any luck drowning out your neighbors’ noises with a sound machine. (That is if you can find one that drowns out stereo base!!) It’s a difficult situation you have! Sometimes I use the YouTube channels on television and search the words “black screen rainstorm” and those are awesome because the screen is completely black for 8-12 hours with lovely rain sounds.