Apneoea and epilepsy


In addition, to my other health problems, I have had (in the past) epileptic attacks mainly visible in EEG during hyperventilation. Because of high number ahi (106 per hour), dr has set a high pressure on cpap machine. When the mask comes off I really feel/hear it. Did anyone find an increase in epileptic attacks because of use of cpap machine?
I know the actual lack of sleep, in my case, is more gift for an epileptic than the machine, though I do have headaches/migraines more often than before starting to use the machine.


Hello Roco

Well I can tell you. wearing a mask first of all is really uncomfortable, I got one for a christmas present from my gf and she loved it, I just did not snore anymore like I used to in the past, the real pain in the heck was for me though, I am a side sleeper so for some reason every time I used the mask I would wake up with a strong headache.

If you have headaches as well I recommend you lower your oxygen just a little bit, it can actually be dangerous sleeping with too much oxygen. This is just my advice but I would also say you should really go see a doctor, it is not fun waking up ti headaches, I know how you feel.

If it is of any help I have a source for sleeping tips, other than that I wish you much luck and fortune mate, see ya! cheers.