Apnea Board forum

If anyone is interested, there’s the web forum called Apnea Board. I joined for free in 2017 to learn about my apnea and how to self advocate. I was tired of suffering from apnea and tired of a doc that wouldn’t help.

Check the site out, join if you’d like. It’s free to do so. Members of Apnea Board are the ones that work on bringing us the OSCAR reporting tool.

Apnea Board

I go by SarcasticDave94 both here and there BTW.

BTW I’ve put this here just to help any apnea sufferer I can. I’m not implying your forum isn’t a good site in any way. All info sites, this one included, helps self advocacy and helps all apnea patients have the tools to succeed. I’m not hating on the docs, but most are either too stubborn to be helpful or are clueless about most aspects of apnea.

Be the best self advocate you can be. Be armed with knowledge and win the battle.