Apnea and sleep trackers

Hello! I’ve seen many different devices for tracking activity and sleep, but very little specialised for people with an actual sleep disorder! I believe this should be different, but what do you think would be the right features of such a wearable?

As part of my studies, I started this research project to come up with the ideal sleep tracker for apnea patients… and I created a survey to ask you guys (the experts here :upside_down_face: ) for your opinion on what would be preferred to have.

Would you mind helping me by answering it? It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to do so.

If you like, you can also give me your comments here… Thanks a lot!

I am currently experimenting with the fitness tracker called: Biostrap.

In addition to typical fitness parameters, Biostrap says it can also track breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate, heart rate variability. I purchsed Biostrap because these are more closely related to sleep apnea measures.

I am still learning how to use it. So far I haven’t had much luck with the blood oxygen saturation function but other features seem to be working as advertised.

Hi jsaltenb, thanks for the reply!
It looks like a very great option. I wonder if you can use the combination of breathing, heart rate and/or blood saturation functions to estimate when you’re having apnea events. Is it detailed enough to do this?

I took the survey. Anything that helps people with Sleep Apnea would be more than appreciated.


Thanks a lot! really appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m still experimenting with it but I do notice the blood oxygen saturation values and breathing rates are not as consistently grouped on nights I don’t sleep well.

I haven’t tried to numerically correlate my dreamstation’s AHI recordings with the values reported from Biostrap but I bet there is a relationship.