Apnea and emergencies, Cpr for apnea

When someone needs first aid, those who administer CPR are supposed to put the head back to clear the airway. But it is my understanding that people with apnea need to have the head forward to make breathing possible. In my own case, putting my head back would block the airway. ( Can this be why CPR often fails?)
I’d like to have a health bracelet or locket that directs people what to do in case of emergency. Does anyone have info on the problem or on how to get a dog-tag with the correct information?

A trained and certified CPR person is aware not to over extend the neck to open up airway during CPR. We are also trained to watch for the chest to “rise” when delivering air to the lungs. I don’t believe that the failure to make breathing possible is the cause that why CPR fails. We are also trained to modify opening up an airway to perform an effective CPR. I don’t oppose to a bracelet idea as it is already out there for those who wear them already regarding allergies, or other medical conditions. Won’t hurt to add them for the first responders.

I have had a medic alert necklace for over 10 years informing of my severe sleep apnea condition along with my medication allergies etc. I certainly want any first responder and emergency room staff to know about my sleep apnea and bilevel pressures.

In case of an emergency, a medic or an ER staff will be concern about stabilizing your heart and your breathing. Once that is stable and your’re in recovery, that’s when your sleep apnea and bipap pressures number can come in handy :wink:

I have all my data in my iPhone medical ID…plus the same data on a card in my wallet and in my purse.