Always wake up about 2 - 2.5 hours after going to sleep

I was having various problems with my Responics CPAP system. I think I am headed in the right direction with a different type of mask. However,during the couple of weeks of use, I seem to always wake up about 2 - 2.5 hours after falling asleep. I can understand waking up at times but why that time frame on a regular basis.


First, let me ask you a couple of questions, please.

#1. Do you have usage/ adherence data on your machine reporting back to you? If so what is reporting?

#2. When you wake up after 2 -2.5 hours, can you tell me how you are feeling at that point?

#3. Lastly, regarding your sleep study results, were you told the severity of your apnea by your sleep care team?

I use two apps to reaqd the data, DreamMapper and SleepyHead. SleepyHead gives a great deal more detail but I am not sure how accurate it is. I found that during the 30 - 60 minutes or so before waking up, the AHI goes steadily up with numbers between 4 and 8. During my home sleep study, the AHI went up as high as 35. When I wake up I feel frustrated that it happened, again, and uncomfortable having the mask on; so I take it off. Then I sleep generally well. Mask fit is recorded in DreamMapper mainly at 100% with a few at 95 - 99%.

I too wake up sporatically through the night it is v frustrating. I too take it off after four hours (min time ins will pay))\

Does your Resperonics CPAP machine send data to the myAir App? If so, you can access the app to check to see how many AHIs (apnea events) your having (it gives you an average = # of AHIs divided by the time slept; you can do the reverse math to find out how many AHIs you actually experienced). Better yet is that your doctor is able to review the data at a much better level & I think (but not totally sure here) that they can see when each apnea event occurs. I would call my doctor to see if they can see a reason in the data that might answer why you’re waking up after only several hours. I would also keep a notepad next to your bed & record the time you go to bed, how long it took you to fall asleep & then each & every time you wake up & importantly, how you are feeling. I use to do this as a practice in noting down what I was dreaming & it took practice to do this, especially when all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. But I think it might also be good to do when your sleep pattern is disrupted & you don’t know why.

It could be as simple as some stressful situation that you’re struggling with that is interfering with your sleep. Or perhaps you have started a new medication or some other new routine in your life. It can be a change in health, your career, a life event, having one too many nightcaps before bed (not recommended btw), too much exercise before bedtime, a disturbing tv show, or too much blue screen (cell phone, iPad or tv) right before bedtime (google Sleep Hygiene to see if any of that speaks to you as to why you might not be sleeping well & make appropriate changes to see if that helps). It could also be that you might need to have another sleep study done to determine what’s going on.

As we grow older (don’t know how old you are; you don’t say), we also tend to sleep less & I’ve heard not as well either. I don’t know if this actually correlates to age or because of the painful infirmities we tend to fall prey to as we get older. So you might also want to note how you feel physically when you wake up at these times.

That brings me to your mattress. Is it time to get a new mattress? If your bed isn’t comfortable, you surely won’t sleep very well. It’s recommended to get a new mattress every 8 years, at least. Some say 6 years. It’s up to you & you’ll know when it’s time if you continue to not sleep well & you notice that you’re waking up with aches & pains.

It could be that you might need to have the air pressure turned up on your CPAP machine. Our needs change from time to time & if you’re actually experiencing more AHIs than usual & that’s why you’re awakening, it could very well be that you’re not getting enough air.

The condition of your equipment is also important. Have you changed the air filter on your CPAP regularly? You said your mask isn’t leaking, but is it comfortable? If it’s truly not, adjust the mask to see if that helps. And if it’s still not comfortable, it might be time to try a different mask. I don’t know if your sleep doctor has a machine/mask specialist in his/her practice or not, but my doctor’s practice does & she is wonderful at evaluating what kind of masks might work best. His office will even let me try out different masks (I paid up front for the mask because it’s outside the frequency to get a new mask with my insurer) & if the mask is still problematic, they let me return the mask & try a different mask (at no extra charge).

You might also want to check your hoses for leaks well, as that can cause you to not be getting enough air. If you do find a leak & it’s a fairly new hose, call your DME to see if they’ll replace it. (Personally, I keep the last hose I used before the current one on hand just for instances like this & finally throw it away when another new hose arrives & then the one I’m currently using becomes the hose I keep on hand for these sorts of instances. Be sure you clean it well if you’re going to keep it on hand.)

Lastly, do you notice if you might be waking up feeling like you’re drowning? If this turns out to be the problem, you might be experiencing “rain out.” If so, this is caused by the temperature in the room being colder than the air in the hose, causing the air in the hose to condense & accumulate. Eventually enough moisture accumulates in the hose that it starts to enter your nose & you wake up feeling like you’re drowning or can’t breathe. The solution usually is to use a heated hose & then sleep with the hose under your covers. Even so, I know rain out can still occur. If so, read the booklets that came with your CPAP machine to see if you can make some adjustments to temperature & humidity settings to see if you can stop the rain out - it might take several attempts to get the settings just right).

I hope I’ve given you some room for thought & hope you find your answer to sleeping well again soon.

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So…schwerz…how are you now doing? Are you still doing your CPAP treatment? Are you still experiencing times of wakefulness? We still want to try to help you.

Hi schwerz - It might sound really strange, but please consider taking a couple of Bromelain capsules about an hour before bed. If you still wake up, try taking a couple when you wake up instead. It can be bought just as Bromelain (health food stores), or OTC (over the counter) under the trade name MidNight - it is expensive that way though. I use it to help me sleep while I am waiting for my CPAP titration study, and while not fully “fixed” (I still wake up a lot, but get right back to sleep) I am at least dreaming again.

Here’s wishing you the best luck ever getting some relief…

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It’s not really about what the insurance will pay but what happens to your health if you are sleeping without your mask and having apnoea’s this can lead to heart attacks, strokes and eventually death. Keep working with the mask eventually you will get your natural sleeping length with the mask. Don’t do the minimum then sleep without it, life is too precious

Hi Schwerz.
I have just read your blog on always wake up about 2 - 2.5 hours after falling asleep.
I have had the same problem as your good self for over two years now, and have had to learn from my own experience how to deal with this irritating problem, as I now live in Ireland and here we do NOT get the quality of care you may get where you are.
I have SOSA and insomnia seems to come hand in hand with this, yes of course you will need to get the correct fitting mask and your CPAP machines pressure set correctly, but then you may try and use the first part of you nights sleep without using the machine (please ask your sleep doctor about this first)
I have found that until you reach the REM stage of your nights sleep you will toss and turn trying to get some rest/sleep (and it is by far very frustrating as you know) so this maybe what you are experiencing so as before please refer to your sleep doctor, and hopefully it will work out for you.

I have been suffering from sleep disorder from last 4 years. In the beginning, I just thought that it is stress. But later on, I realized that even on good days, I was not able to sleep more than 3 hours.

One of my friend who is into yoga and meditation told me to start taking warm water bath an hour before bed time. Initially I was very skeptical, however, after 2 weeks of doing the same, something really good happened.

A warm bath and calm music before bed really helped me sleep better and longer. Yes, gaining a deep sleep for more than 4 hours is still hard for me. However, it does work slowly.

I have been doing this from last 1 and half years now. Nothing magical happened but yes, it helps me get into deep sleep. I’m able to sleep strongly for at least 4 hours now.

I’m not on any type of medication. Just trying to figure out natural ways to tackle this issue.

Try it, for at least 2 weeks before you make a decision. It might help you too.

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I had the same problems, didn’t slepted well, i tried bunch of techniques and solutions nothing helped me.
I solved my issues, with sleep cycle monitoring app, that my friend told me about, their assessment and improvement program,makes me realized that i had sleep disorders, due to some bad daily habits that got to do with sugar and caffeine that was effected my sleep quality.
I really like sleeprate app, it analyzing and monitoring my sleep by heart rate and sound detection(recognize snoring and breath breaks)the app is integrated with my Polar and Garmin wearables.
The app showing full diagnosis reprorts of my sleep stages, heart rate, sound analysis, stress rate, snoring and breathing, plus they are giving me tasks like anchor wake up time, CBTi coaching and great features ,lots of video tips to improve my sleep.
you can read more info about the app in their website.

i’m sure that will help you, to sleep better…good luck…