Airline flights

I have an upcoming domestic airline flight. Few questions: Can I take some distilled water along? Will the airline allow it? I planning on taking my CPAPmachine on as a carry-on. I see they are charging extra for carry-on bags and you are allowed 1 personal item under the seat. Any way I can take myCPAP machine and my purse without having to pay an extra fee? If I try to bring water along, will the TSA allow it?
I won’t need to use my CPAPduring the flight.


Hello @KimR ,

You are allowed to carry the CPAP machine as a medical device, so it does not count against the carry-on limit. I am posting something below that might help:

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It would be best to contact the airline and ask the question. It’s a simple phone call and then you will know the right answer.

All airlines will let you carry the machine on as medical equipment without an extra charge. I wouldn’t try to carry on distilled water, but you can take it in checked baggage. I filled a large water bottle with distilled water and brought it in a checked bag on my last flight.

You already got the reply regarding carrying your CPAP equipment. However, this is how I take mine: Instead of using the CPAP case, I put everything in my backpack. It makes it easier to carry. Of course, distilled water is best to use, but I always buy it at my destination (both foreign & domestic). I used to bring some in my checked luggage, but it was too heavy for a trip longer than a few days. If you decide to use the CPAP case, buy a Medical Equipment Tag on Amazon to attach to your case.