AHI - What Does It Actually Stand For (New to Sleep Apnea)

Hello everyone!

Can someone please tell me what AHI stands for, along with some of the other basic terms I need to know? I want to be able to have an intelligent and well-directed conversation with my doctor (s). I am new to sleep apnea, and have recently been diagnosed.

Thank you SO much!

@Daisygirl - AHI stands for Apnea & Hypopnea Index

Here is an article that covers many sleep apnea related terms:

Thank you very much, MotherT! I really appreciate this information!

By the way, do you know what RDI stands for? That was also mentioned in my first sleep report results, right next to my AHI results. The article link you sent me unfortunately does not include information on RDI.

Hey Daisygirl. RDI stands for respiratory disturbance (or distress) index. It’s a measure of respiratory events that disrupt sleep but can neither be classified as apneas nor hypopneas. Doctors track this to determine if you may also have Upper Airway Respiratory Syndrom (UARS)…so your sleep specialist may tell you more as to whether or not labored breathing is one of your problems while asleep.

Thank you so much, fujishima! I really appreciate you sharing this with me.

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