AHI’s Increased With Therapy

My AHI test levels showed 19 episodes per hour. Now, with my BiPAP set to 12/6, my AHI’s have increased almost four fold. They are now up to 70 PER HOUR!! Has anyone ever heard of their therapy making things this much worse? I also have a HUGE problem with air getting into my intestinal system. I have no problems wearing the nasal pillows, and things feel fine right up until I just start to fall asleep. I immediately stop breathing, and that wakes me up. I have no problems with aerophagia until I’m sleeping. To sum up- I have no problems wearing my nasal pillows, have no problems with the seal, and don’t feel claustrophobic with the therapy. Yet, the therapy is making a bad situation truly frightening. Any thoughts?

Yes, I could only last about 15 minutes before being awakened with a gut full of air. This went on for about 17 years. I had a condition where my eppiglotos would close forcing air into my stomach. The condition was found by a ENT while evaluating me for Inspire treatment. Test used was called a DISE, (Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy). I am not say this is the problem, but something to keep in mind. Hope it helps, keep me updated

It sounds like you might be a mouth breather and in need of a full face mask but you should really take this up with your doctor.

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I would say give your sleep doc a call and let them know what’s going on. It sounds like you might need to go back to the sleep lab for another titration study. Your machine pressures need to be adjusted.

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That would be an easy reason, but unfortunately I’m not a mouth breather and I rarely snore… Thanks for your ideas though!

Sorry for the misplaced reply! Can you tell I don’t know how to use this?I think I’ll need to just see what the doc can make of it all. I’m super disappointed that it’s been so hard to figure out. I had been quite excited to get going with this therapy! Thanks again🙂

I have woken up in the middle of the night “burping”. I’m assuming it is from air being forced down my esophagus while I’m asleep. Makes sense to me that the air will follow the path of least resistance, so to me that means somehow the air isn’t making it into my lungs; it’s blocked somehow by something…tongue, epiglottis…who knows… and is ending up in my stomach instead. I suppose there are several different reasons for this. Am I at least on the right track?

You ay need a full facial mask, AND a change in your C-pap pressure, OR you may need a different machine such as a sleep mapper. Also, you could need a oxygen concentrator. See your doctor, if he does not respond to your needs, seek another doc as a second opinion…