ADHD and sleep apnea

I have only just discovered that I may have ADHD, this is a worrying thing just now, has anyone with OSA been diagnosed with ADHD, if so how have you been able to manage this.

Is there a non medication route that I could take.

Hi badsleeper,

I guess I answered your question in another post. Yes, I have both OSA and ADD(inattentive type, not hyperactive). I take methylphenidate daily. It helps me organize my thoughts and prioritize tasks, otherwise I feel I’m floundering around, busy all day and not getting anything accomplished, 100 different projects started, nothing completed. It’s frustrating. Meds certainly aren’t a magic solution for ADD, but they help a little bit. I find after procrastinating long enough, the adrenalin kicks in when the deadline is looming and I can ‘get it done’. Wish there was a way to ‘just do it’, but that hasn’t happened in the 12 years since I was diagnosed. I do attend CHADD meetings and find them helpful. Check out for useful information on how to learn to manage the way your brain works. Lots of helpful information.

Hi KimR.
Here again have just checked out the site you mentioned and its very useful, thank you for letting me know about it, I am just hoping that i will not have to take any med’s because of the side affects, but hey ho if it must be then we will see.

Thanks for sharing with everyone.