Actual sleep or Machine usage

My score says 10 hours of usage…25 events…does this mean I have a total of 250 events. How does the machine know if I am actually asleep.

You don’t say what kind of machine you have, but I’m going to assume it’s a Respironics, since this group site is in regard to the myAir app. The app reports a ratio for ANIs (apnea events). The ratio is arrived at by dividing the total number of ANIs divided by the amount of time you sleep (you can do the reverse math to arrive at the actual number of ANIs you experienced during the sleep session). So if your number says 25 & you slept 10 hours, you actually experienced 250 apnea events. Even 25 apnea events is still too high a number of events & dangerous, but 250 apnea events is sounding an alarm. You need to get back with your sleep doctor & perhaps have another sleep study, too. It could be something else is going on that has been previously unrecognized or neglected to be treated that’s causing the high number of events to continue. Or their equipment might record a far less number & could mean either that your equipment is faulty or perhaps their equipment is set to give a higher air pressure than you’re currently set at. It could also be a mask leak problem & you may need to look at trying another mask or mask type.

I would make an appointment with the sleep doctor ASAP as your life is in danger while suffering this high number of apnea events.

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