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Pathophysiology of UARS is similar to obstructive sleep apnea / hypopnea syndrome in that abnormal airway resistancein the upper airway during sleep leads to unwanted physiologic consequences. Increased upper airway resistance in this disorder does not lead to cessation of airflow (apnea) or decrease in airflowhypopnea), but instead leads to an arousal secondary to increased workof breathing to overcome the resistance. Repeated and multiple arousals of which the person is usually unaware) result in an abnormal sleep architecture and daytime somnolence (sleepiness). Arousals result in sympathetic activation, and UARS is therefore likely to cause hypertension similar to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (This has not been verified in large clinical populations because of the relatively small number of people with UARS in the larger epidemiologic studies so
far. However, repeated arousals in individuals have clearly been shown to be related to sympathetic activation and elevation in blood pressure). Source: Wiki

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This topic is a good one to keep. As a person with UARS it might be helpful to me to talk with others, or share my experiences… I had two sleep studies… The first one showed me as a primary snorer with not enough apneas, but I displayed many of the apnea characteristics… I think there are many of us out there who have UARS but may not be being treated because we don’t fit the apnea definitions. It took me talking with a new primary care physician who also suffered from apnea to help get the wheels going in the right directions. I have been successfully treated with apap for 12 years now. Amazing how much better I feel.


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Sharing an interesting article titled Why UARS is Harder to Treat than Sleep Apnea

I definitely have the frequent nighttime urination, exhaustion, TMJ. I don’t remember if I have been checked for some of the other issues or not. The thyroid issue I do not have yet. I was fortunate to find a dr. who was willing to treat me with a APAP machine… Amazing how much better I feel.

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@quacky You had such a positive experience. Are things still going well for you using APAP?